Our Kids and Technology

Technology is a critical part of success in today's world. But what else might we be missing?


Watch Steve Sir present his talk, "Unplugging Your Kids," at the TEDx San Antonio conference. Humans are more connected than ever. Technology has allowed us to connect to billions of people, ideas of any kind, and any piece of information. Yet we have never been more alone. What is wrong with this picture? Perhaps, we are craving more than ever true human interaction. What are we teaching our kids about face to face communication and where are they going to learn these important skills? 

Important points that will be discussed in the talk:

  • The effect technology is having developmentally on our children.
  • The non cognitive skills that have been proven to predict for your child's success.
  • How children can learn and practice these essential skills for creating meaningful and lasting relationships.
  • The power to turn technology off and turn your personality on.

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